Ethan - Calgary Portrait Photographer, Kids.

by Tom Gath

I love taking photos of my son! I literally take hundreds every month, however, for some reason it never occurs to me to post them on here. 

Mom thought the clothes that I picked out for him to go to the zoo looked funny...until she saw them on him. Such a little man now at 2 1/2 years old. I want to keep him at this age forever. 

Heaven-Lee - Calgary Portrait

by Tom Gath in ,

Heaven-Lee is my favourite Niece in the world, but unfortunately I'm just not able to spend as much time with her as I wish I could. This little photo shoot was a great way for us to hang out for a bit, for her to get some "cool" photos, and for me to have some recent shots of her. She's going up way too quickly!

Lexi - Calgary Portrait Photography on Film

by Tom Gath in

Lexi and I had talked about shooting together for over a year. This month we finally made it happen.

We decided on Fish Creek Provincial Park, located in Southwest Calgary. My intention was to shoot with natural light - since the sky had a slight overcast - mostly digital with a little film thrown in. When I got my film scans back from The Find Lab, I was so impressed that only a few of the shots below are digital. See if you can pick which ones.

Canon EOS, Portra 400 scanned/developed by The Find Lab